Now, if you made it all the way here is because you truly want to know how to make big money in a rational amount of time. So, let’s put the exact same example that we talked about before.

As we identify a specific need or goal, we select the people who will spend their money on your business.  In this case, if my restaurant needs to receive more customers during my happy hour, where customers will have any drink for $5 on fridays 5-8 pm, I’ll have to make a specific audience who are legally allowed to drink, also that have the money to do it, and the geographical ability to make it to our location. We make it as accurate as possible so we won’t waste a single penny on this money-making exercise.
My potential customers will see my campaign in Facebook and in order to have control of it, I add a landing page where they will leave their contact info, in exhange for a free drink at the event day. So, with their emails all arranged, I can send a personalized invitation in which they will confirm the attendance for the upcoming friday’s happy hour (our principal goal).
So the next friday after the campaign I see the metrics, and find out 10k people saw my ad, but only 1k respond to it. From that 1000, only 100 confirmed attendace and 50 people came (+ guests). Approximately per weekly ad attended 100 people, with an average of 8 drinks p/p ONLY from 5-8PM. That makes it 100 people consuming $40 usd in 3 hours, which means about $4K per week, around $20K/month.
Does this make sense to you? Translate it to your business. How many clients do you want? If you think your business have whay it takes to stand out in your industry, SHOW IT TO THE WORLD!

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